Massachusetts North Shore Democrats
Phillips Beach at Dawn, Swampscott, Massachusetts.
Democratic Town Committees

What are Democratic Town Committees?

Democratic Town Committees (DTCs) and Democratic City Committees (DCCs) are official entities recognized by the Massachusetts Democratic Party and by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Several hundred local, community-based Democratic Committees function in Massachusetts cities and towns. Their responsibilities include organizing local Democrats, working to elect Democrats to public office, and increasing Democratic registration in their respective neighborhoods.

The North Shore region of Massachusetts has no fixed definition. It may be considered as the region north of Boston, extending to the New Hampshire border, encompassing the communities that border the Atlantic Ocean and including several inland communities This portion of the Massachusetts Cities and Towns map shows the North Shore region.

Most of these cities and towns have Democratic City or Town Committees that hold regular meetings, often with guest speakers, and engage in various activities that promote Democratic values. Committee meetings are open to the public. You do not need to be a member to attend meetings, and you are welcome to volunteer to participate in activities that fit your interests.

This Website is a gateway to the North Shore Democratic City and Town Committees. The DTCs section has links to the Democratic Committee Websites and Facebook pages, and we encourage you to contact a local or nearby Committee to learn what is going on in your community. We also include information on current officeholders and we provide links to many national organizations.

Democracy Is On The Ballet

Something dangerous is happening in America.

President Joe Biden
January 5, 2024

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Election Deniers Are Running For Reelection

Spotlight: Newburyport

Newburyport Black History Initiative

NEWBURYPORT – The city has installed a new interpretive sign beneath the statue of the esteemed liberator, William Lloyd Garrison, [that] pays tribute to the black activists, who, city planner Geordie Vining said, “made history, but were left out of the history books.”

The sign across from City Hall in Brown Square states: “In the 18th and 19th centuries, black activists from Newburyport filed lawsuits, wrote editorials, and petitioned to end slavery. Their tireless activism helped to build one of the greatest social movements in U.S. history: abolition.”

The sign is one of 10 being erected by the Newburyport Black [History] Initiative around the city to educate residents and visitors about black activism in the 21st century.

Excerpted from Left Out of the History Books — No More, by Ava Moekel, The Town Common, December 26, 2023. Link.

Newburyport Black History Initiative. Link.


January 17, 2024

The Continuing Story of E. Jean Carroll vs. Donald Trump

Christine Cornell Courtroom Drawing
Courtroom sketch by Christine Cornell
January 18, 2024

E. Jean Carroll Used To Be Somebody

The following is an excerpt from E. Jean Carroll Used To Be Somebody: Once you enter Trump’s world, your own world evalporates, by Monica Hesse, The Wasgingtom Post, January 18, 2024. Link

E. Jean Carroll used to have a career, now she has Donald Trump. She used to have prestige, now she has Donald Trump. She used to have an identity, and then in 2019 she accused the former president of sexually assaulting her in a 1996 dressing room, and now her identity is the woman who accused Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her in a dressing room.

Carroll, a respected 80-year-old writer, first named Trump as her attacker in a book, “What Do We Need Men For?” — a sweeping travelogue and memoir in which Trump’s presence is minimal. On Wednesday, Carroll’s attorney asked her whether she’d tried to promote her book. Yes, Carroll replied. She had gone on podcasts and television shows. On those shows, she said, interviewers only want to hear about Donald Trump.

Carroll, whose body of work includes a biography of Hunter S. Thompson, multiple other books and a long stint as a beloved advice columnist for Elle magazine, was asked whether she still wrote freelance articles. She replied that now the assignments were all about Donald Trump, “nothing else.”

This was a woman in the upper echelons of her profession whose accusations meant exchanging a version of fame that was about her for a version of fame that was about him. “I spent 50 years building a reputation,” Carroll said in court. “Now I’m known as a liar, a fraud, and a whack job.”

Following the E. Jean Carroll trial feels like watching one 80-year-old woman realize there is just nothing she can do to rid herself of this omnipresence, and then realizing that we are, all of us, that 80-year-old woman. That we have been, for some time, subsumed and consumed by one man and his very strong MAGA base.

We used to have debates. We used to have a normal political system. Now we have only the memory of who we were before he became a main character in our story.


January 29, 2024
E/ Jean Carroll with Robbie Kaplan and Shawn Crowley

"He was nothing!"