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This list includes Democratic-affiliated organizations, government entities, organizations focused on key topics and issues, news organizations, and nonpartisan, independent entities. It is provided as a convenient resource.


Legislative Accomplishments During the Biden Administration

In addition to Wikipedia, Ballotpedia also provides summaries and details of key legislation during the Biden administration.

American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

(COVID-19 Stimulus Package or American Rescue Plan)

Enacted March 11, 2021

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act pf 2021 (IIJA)

(Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill)

Enacted November 15, 2021

Postal Service Reform Act of 2022

Enacted April 6, 2022

Bipartisan Safer Communities Act of 2022

Enacted June 25, 2022

CHIPS and Science Act

Enacted August 9, 2022

Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act of 2022

(Honoring our PACT Act of 2022)

Enacted August 10, 2022

Inflation Reduction Act of 2022

Enacted August 16, 2022

Respect for Marriage Act (RFMA)

Enacted December 13, 2022

Electoral Count Reform and Presidential Transition Improvement Act of 2022

Enacted December 29. 2022

Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2023

Enacted June 3, 2023

The Biden–Harris Record

When President Biden and Vice President Harris took office, our country faced unprecedented crises—a raging pandemic, economic crisis, climate crisis, and racial injustice. The President and Vice President ran for office on the promise to move quickly to tackle these crises head-on and deliver results for working families. That’s what the Biden-Harris Administration has done.

Democratic Party

Democratic National Committee (DNC)

Since 1848, the Democratic National Committee has been the home of the Democratic Party, the oldest continuing party in the United States. Our party is strong because it’s built on advancing our Democratic platform and forging positive solutions that include everyone. As Democrats, we believe that every person in this nation should be treated with dignity and respect. We believe that health care is a right for all and that we should be rewarding the hard work of middle class families. We believe that our schools and streets should be free from gun violence and that a woman’s decisions about her own body are hers to make.
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Massachusetts Democratic Party (MASSDEMS)

Massachusetts Democrats believe that every person has the right to live a full, meaningful life with equal access to opportunity, security, and inclusion. We believe that our government exists to empower people by providing high-quality public education, ensuring universal access to healthcare, protecting our environment, reducing income inequality, and guaranteeing equal rights and opportunity for all. We believe that when we empower people to organize their local communities, we can change our Commonwealth and our country for the better.

Telephone: 617-939-0800
Address: 11 Beacon Street, Suite 410, Boston MA 02108
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Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC)

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is the official campaign arm of the Democrats in the House of Representatives and the only political committee in the country whose principal mission is to support Democratic House candidates every step of the way to fortify and expand our new Democratic Majority.
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Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC)

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is the only committee solely dedicated to electing a Democratic Senate. From organizing to fundraising to candidate recruitment, the DSCC works around-the-clock to re-elect Democratic senators and send new leaders to Washington who will move our country forward.
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Massachusetts Organizations 

Common Start Coalition

The Common Start Coalition is a statewide partnership of organizations, providers, parents, early educators and advocates working together to make high-quality early education and child care affordable and accessible to all Massachusetts families. Our goal is to ensure that all families have the care solutions they need and that all children in our Commonwealth have the same, strong start and enter school on a level playing field. We are a diverse coalition including community, faith-based, labor, business, and early education and child care organizations, as well as early educators, parents, individuals, and direct service organizations.
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The Essex County Greenbelt Association

Greenbelt protects natural land and working farms across Essex County forever, helping to conserve healthy ecosystems, clean water, local food supplies, scenic landscapes and free, accessible places for all to benefit from nature. We work within the 34 cities and towns of Essex County, Massachusetts helping individuals, families, municipalities and organizations realize their land conservation goals.
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Indivisible-RISE Newburyport

Indivisible-RISE Newburyport is the local chapter of Indivisible, the leading national organization working to preserve democracy. Indivisible-RISE Newburyport is a community dedicated to working for equality and democracy through political action and education to:

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Living in the Massachusetts “blue bubble,” it’s easy to feel there’s little you can do to protect our democracy from a rapidly increasing number of far-right attacks. But what if you look further afield? Pennsylvania, the closest big (19 electoral votes) swing state to Massachusetts needs not only our financial contributions, but our time, talents, and political activism. By working to elect Democrats not only at the Congressional level, but at the gubernatorial, legislative, and county level, we help protect voting rights and the vote counting process against right-wing attack in this critical swing state.

We work remotely and in-state to keep Pennsylvania blue. Our activists conduct letter and postcard campaigns, text and phone bank, fund print, radio, and digital ads, and provide logistical support for groups working in the rural, red areas we need to win in 2023 and 2024.
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Massachusetts Immigrant & Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA)

MIRA is the largest coalition in New England promoting the rights and integration of immigrants and refugees. With offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we advance this mission through education and training, leadership development, institutional organizing, strategic communications, policy analysis and advocacy. MIRA is a dynamic and multi‐ethnic coalition with 140+ organizational members, including grassroots community organizations; refugee resettlement agencies; providers of social, legal and health services, faith-based organizations and civil and human rights advocates.
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Mass-Care’s mission is to establish a single payer health care system in Massachusetts so that all residents of the Commonwealth will have access to comprehensive, quality, affordable, and equitable health care, publicly financed and free of out-of-pocket cost at point-of-care, because it is basic to life and human dignity. Mass-Care is an umbrella organization for more than 80 member organizations representing diverse constituencies--the elderly, low income people, various religious groups, labor unions, teachers, nurses, social workers, doctors, women, immigrants, and local towns and cities.
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Founded in 1996, MassINC’s mission is to make Massachusetts a place of civic vitality and inclusive economic opportunity by providing residents with the nonpartisan research, reporting, analysis, and civic engagement necessary to understand policy choices, inform decision making, and hold the government accountable. We are committed to advancing equitable access to opportunities and resources at MassINC and across the Commonwealth, and to addressing barriers and structural systems that perpetuate inequity. Over the years, we have achieved impact through nonpartisan research from our Policy Center and Polling Group, independent reporting of politics, ideas, and civic life from CommonWealth magazine, and inclusive civic engagement.
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North Shore Democratic Town Committees

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Progressive Massachusetts

Progressive Massachusetts (“Progressive Mass”) is a statewide, member-driven grassroots organization committed to fighting for a vision of shared prosperity, racial and social justice, good government, and environmental sustainability in Massachusetts.
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Swing Blue Alliance

Swing Blue Alliance is the largest all-volunteer, Democratic grassroots organization headquartered in Massachusetts. In partnership with organizations in swing states, we develop evidence-based programs to protect our democracy, work on competitive local and national elections, and strengthen the Democratic party at the grassroots level.
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Swing Left North Shore / Cape Ann

Swing Left is a national organization with local chapters that organize grassroot participation for the Left. You can sign up to receive the latest updates and actions, and you can join actions to help elect candidates.
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Commonwealth of Massachusetts Government Organizations

The 193rd General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Massachusetts House Members

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Massachusetts Senate Members

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Massachusetts State Organizations A to Z

The State Organization Index provides an alphabetical listing of government organizations, including commissions, departments, and bureaus.
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Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women

The Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women is a state-established body charged with reviewing the status of women in Massachusetts and offering recommendations regarding policy that would improve access to opportunities and equality.

The mission of the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women (MCSW) is to advance women toward full equality in all areas of life and to promote rights and opportunities for all women. The Commission exists to provide a permanent, effective voice for women across Massachusetts.

The Commission stands for fundamental freedoms, basic human rights and the full enjoyment of life for all women throughout their lives.
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Essex County Commission on the Status of Women (ECCSW)

One of eleven Regional Commissions, the goal of ECCSW is to uplift the voices of diverse women of Essex County and advocate for the health, safety, well-being, and economic advancement of women through community outreach, legislative advocacy, community hearings, and community education.
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Joint Committee on Environment and Natural Resources

It shall be the duty of the committee on Environment and Natural Resources to consider all matters concerning the Division of Conservation and Recreation natural resources and the environment, air, water and noise pollution and control thereof, hunting and fishing, conservation, solid waste disposal and sewerage, and such other matters as may be referred.
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United States Government Committees

Committees of The U.S. Congress

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Committees of the U. S. Senate

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Committees of the U.S. House of Representatives

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Congressional Black Caucus

Since its establishment in 1971, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) has been committed to using the full Constitutional power, statutory authority, and financial resources of the federal government to ensure that African Americans and other marginalized communities in the United States have the opportunity to achieve the American Dream. As part of this commitment, the CBC has fought for the past 48 years to empower these citizens and address their legislative concerns by pursuing a policy agenda that includes but is not limited to the following:

  • reforming the criminal justice system and eliminating barriers to reentry
  • combatting voter suppression
  • expanding access to world-class education from pre-k through post-secondary level
  • expanding access to quality, affordable health care and eliminating racial health disparities
  • expanding access to 21st century technologies, including broadband
  • strengthening protections for workers and expanding access to full, fairly-compensated employment
  • expanding access to capital, contracts, and counseling for minority-owned businesses
  • promoting U.S. foreign policy initiatives in Africa and other countries that are consistent with the fundamental right of human dignity

Ayanna Pressley is the Massachusetts member of the Congressional Black Caucus.
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Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC)

The Congressional Progressive Caucus is comprised of more than 100 members of Congress standing up for progressive ideals in Washington and throughout the country. Since 1991, the CPC has advocated for progressive policies that prioritize working Americans over corporate interests, fight economic and social inequality, and advance civil liberties. The CPC champions progressive policy solutions like comprehensive immigration reform, good-paying jobs, fair trade, universal health care, debt-free college, climate action, and a just foreign policy. The caucus, which consists of 100 House members and one Senator, has been the leading voice calling for bold and sweeping solutions to the urgent crises facing this nation, including ending America’s broken for-profit health care system, raising the minimum wage, eliminating political corruption, bolstering labor protections for working families, and taking swift action to stop the warming of our planet.

Massachusetts members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus are Jim McGovern, Ayanna Pressley and Lori Trahan.
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Democratic Women’s Caucus (DWC)

The Democratic Women’s Caucus (DWC) is composed of all the Democratic women in the House of Representatives. The DWC is dedicated to the advancement of full equal rights, economic opportunity, improved health and safety, and elimination of laws and policies with discriminatory or disparate impacts for women and girls, and works to achieve these goals through legislation, advocacy, and educational efforts.
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House Democrats (aka House Democratic Caucus)

The House Democratic Caucus is a congressional caucus composed of all Democratic representatives in the United States House of Representatives, voting and non-voting,[1] and is responsible for nominating and electing the Democratic Party leadership in the chamber. In its roles as a party conference, the caucus writes and enforces rules of conduct and discipline for its members, approves committee assignments, and serves as the primary forum for development of party policy and legislative priorities. It hosts weekly meetings for these purposes and to communicate the party's message to members.
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New Democratic Coalition

Founded in 1997, the center-left New Democrat Coalition is made up of nearly 100 pragmatic House Democrats who work across the aisle and across the Capitol to advance innovative, inclusive, and forward-looking policies. Representing almost half the Democratic Caucus, New Dems are united behind a mission to build an economy that works for every American

New Dems are united behind policies focused on:

Massachusetts members of the New Democratic Coalition are Seth Moulton, Bill Keating, and Lori Trahan.
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Pro-Choice Caucus (PCC)

The Pro-Choice Caucus is a coalition of members of the U.S. House of Representatives who are working to preserve, protect and advance policies that ensure reproductive autonomy for all people. The caucus serves as the first line of defense against anti-abortion legislation, while also advancing a proactive vision of affordable, accessible reproductive health care for all. We won't let extreme, anti-choice politicians roll back the clock on Americans’ reproductive rights.
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Select Committee to Investigate the JANUARY 6TH Attack on the United States Capital

This Committee is no longer standing. The Committee's Final Report is available at the National Archive and Records administration Chairman Bennie Thompson's Congressional Web site.
Committee Reports | Archived Committee Web site| Final Report | Bennie Thompson Congressional Web site

Senate Democrats (aka Senate Democratic Caucus; Democratic Conference)

As Americans, we succeed when we have each other's backs. Too often these days, families believe that no matter how hard they work or how often they do the right thing, the system is rigged against them. From workers’ rights to protecting the environment, equal pay to fighting the special interests, Democrats believe we can and should make life better for families across our nation.
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